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List of top five micro-blogging platforms– Maybe most popular micro-blogging service out there. I’ll be surprised if you don’t use it. So much is written about Twitter that I can’t add noting new. - FriendFeed is a micro-blogging service and feed aggregator that makes it easy to share information like messages, photos, videos and so on online. If you want to keep track on multiple feeds and share information with your friends, FriendFeed is your option. - Micro-blogging service based on the StatusNet tool. It is getting more and more popularity. - Conversation-based service, currently owned by Google. - Free social network and micro-blogging service, that enables users to post on multiple social networks simultaneously.

Five Effective SEO Strategies to Optimize Your Business Blog
So you've started a business blog, providing authoritative insights about the latest news and most pressing issues in your industry. With such great content, your blog should be raising your company's profile and generating more customers. That is, of course, if anyone is actually reading it.
The trouble with blogging is that having great content isn't always enough. You also have to keep search engine optimization in mind, and make your blog attractive to the biggest search engines to drive real traffic.
Here are five tips to help you optimize your business blog for search:
1. Conduct keyword research.
One of the biggest mistakes you can make with your business blog is to fail to include appropriate keywords in your posts. Every post is an opportunity to get noticed by search engines for a new set of keywords.

What makes a good keyword? Ideally, your blog posts should focus on long-tail keywords, such as "Sony Cybershot digital camera" or "Barack Obama action figure." Good keywords should generate a small, but well-targeted amount of search traffic, including at least 500 exact match searches each month. They also shouldn't be too common and too competitive with more popular blogs and websites.

To determine whether a keyword has too much competition, first install a free browser toolbar -- such as SEOBook's SEO for Firefox plugin -- that displays information about each site in the Google results pages whenever you search for your target keyword. Then take a look at the latest Google Top 10 results for your target word or phrase. If you see a lot of highly-ranked sites with many backlinks pointing to each page, your chosen keyword might be too competitive.

2. Build quality backlinks.
Backlinks play a crucial role in search by acting as "votes of confidence" for every page on your website. If you have plenty of high quality, relevant sites linking back to your page, it shows the search engines that your blog is also high quality.


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